The WAFLOCKS Sliding Window Safety Lock is designed to eliminate the risk of injury caused by falls from windows by restricting the opening of a window, and suitable for the home and workplace including care homes, hotels, schools, and offices. 


How it Works?
The WAFLOCKS Sliding Window Safety Lock has been designed to restrict the opening of the sliding window makes the window impossible to climb out of, therefore reducing the risk of accident and injury. It can also be used as an anti-theft lock to prevent the sliding window at corridor unit or ground level from opening outside.


Easy to Install
Put the safety lock between the inner drain hold and outer window glass and tighten the knob.


Available in Brown and White
The safety locks are available in brown and white and are designed to be in keeping with the style of your windows. Their modern, minimalist style ensures that they don't draw attention or affect the aesthetics of the window.

WAFLOCKS Sliding Window Safety Lock

Tax Included
  • Dimensions
    46mm (W) x 59mm (L) x 39mm (H)


    Zinc alloy with surface painting.


    Allows moving range of 26-45mm.


    Supplied with:
    1x Sliding Window Safety Lock
    1x User Manual


    1 year warranty.


    Manufacturer/Place of origin
    Inspirland / Taiwan

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