The SocketSecure® is designed to prevent any chance of electrical accidents by effectively covers power sockets to stop plugs form being removed or tampered with.


How it Works?
The SocketSecure® can simply be installed in just a few minutes with no requirement for rewiring. There is no necessity to disconnect the mains supply when the socket cover is used with correctly maintained BSI approved wall sockets and 86x86mm faceplates. In most cases, an insulated screwdriver is the only tool that is needed to complete installation. The SocketSecure® has a key lockable cover which is fitted over any exposed plugs and can only be released when turned with the key.


Key Operated and Fits Single Socket
The SocketSecure® come with a pair of keys. Customers have the option to choose the keys to be keyed alike or different combination when they purchase multiple SocketSecure®. This give customer great flexibility to deploy SocketSecure® in different environments including home, childcare and commercial.


SocketSecure® lock system also come with a safety feature which keep the cover open and key in the lock to prevent the electric socket being left unlock accidentally. 


High Profile Cover
A high-profile cover of SocketSecure® can accommodate some bigger plug size such as power charger to be secured. The cover is transparent and fire-rated which not only provide a layer of fire hazard protection but also allow inspection on the switch position and plug.


Side-to-Side Sockets Installation
The SocketSecure® unique design allow you to fit on electric socket event the socket is seated side by side with other sockets.


There is an obvious advantage in using the product where children are in attendance to prevent inquisitive, young minds ‘meddling’ with electrical equipment. The SocketSecure is also often used in environments where there are residents who are elderly or suffering from dementia and may switch off or unplug electrical items unintentionally.

SocketSecure® Single Plug Socket Cover

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