The SlamFreer® Step-On Door Holder is designed to hold the open door firmly in place. This is a heavy-duty door holder suitable for all kinds of doors at home and workplace including care homes, hotels, schools, and offices.


How it Works?

The door holder come with a spring-loaded plunger with a throw and a large soft rubber foot for good holding power. Door stopper is controlled by a spring pedal that is easy to push down and release by feet. The foot press doorstep fit in all kinds of door gap, perfect for stopping the door from slamming in windy condition.


Easy to Install

This holder works best when it is installed on the frame side of the door so that the door pushes against the holder when trying to close.


SlamFreer Step-On Door Holder

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  • Materials

    • Zinc alloy body with surface painting
    • Steel spring pedal
    • Rubber foot press



    • Step-on application and release for convenient hands-free operation.
    • Suitable for room and main door, metal gates.



    Supplied with:

    • 1x Door Holder
    • 3x Screws



    1 year warranty.


    Manufacturer/Place of origin

    Inspirland / Taiwan