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What is SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper?

The SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper is a high-quality door slam preventer designed to stop sudden hard closure of doors by absorbing the energy of the door before it strikes a person or the door frame, allowing the door to close gently. This It is a product suitable not only at home but also childcare centers, school, and many other environments.


The Danger of a Hard Closing Door!

The obvious reason for a slamming door could be caused by high winds or an inadvertently heavy-handed household member who exerts more force than necessary to close it. A hard-closing door can build up enormous amount of pressure in doors which are dangerous forces that can cause injury, structural damage and become annoying if it is a frequent occurrence.


Door closed by wind alone can create enough force to break or even sever a finger. Usually, accidents end up at the emergency room and can result in an amputation. Hard slamming door can result in broken glass, damaged door frames or cracked walls which all result in high repair costs. 



The SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper uses high quality hydraulic industrial shock absorber with operating temperature ranging from 10~70°C to ensure it can operate in most environment. The stopper has successfully passed for 1 million opening and closing private cycle test and you can assure the high quality of this product.


Adjustable Strength

The SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper come with adjustable strength which can handle door from 10Kg to 100Kg. You can adjust the strength to suit your environment condition.


Soft Impact & Fast Return

The SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper head are made of high impact rubber head to cushion the impact and reduce the impact noise. After impact, the stopper head can return to its original position very fast for the next impact. This is important under strong wind condition.


Premium Quality

The SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper uses industrial grade damper not only assuring premium quality and come with a 12 month of manufacturer guarantee.

SlamFreer® Conceal Door Slam Stopper

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