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The Rearshield door finger guards are designed to protect fingers from crushing or even amputation within the hinge area of the back of a door.


When used in conjunction with the Fingershield door finger guards, finger-trapping accidents are completely eliminated.

Fingershield 1960mm Door Finger Guard - Rearshield

Excluding Tax
Kindly note that this product requires indenting. Please feel free to reach out to us for a quotation and delivery date.
  • Dimensions
    Standard Length - 1960 mm (non-standard sizes available on request)


    Upvc Rigid sections
    PVC Nitrile flexible sections
    Made from calcium-zinc stabilised medium impact materials. 
    Does Not Contain: Harmful cadmium or lead.


    Product variations 
    3 panel Fingershield device 
    Acts as an effective secondary smoke inhibitor and draft excluder 
    UL 4h fire rating 
    Available for use on rising butt hinge doors.


    2 Years warranty


    Manufacturer/Place of origin
    Cardea Solutions / U.K.

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