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The Door Finger Guard pack contains a front and rear strip. When fitted to the hinge side of the door, these flexible strips prevent trapped fingers.


Protect Those Little Fingers
Each year, 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors both at home and in public places. The vast majority of these 30,000 annual incidents are completely preventable when installing door finger guards. Each incident is distressing, particularly when it happens to your child but it doesn’t have to be like this. So far, we have provided over 1 million anti-finger trapping devices, protecting tens of thousands of fingers all over the world.


Our Door Finger Guards are made in U.K. and available in a white or clear finish to discreetly fit in and compliment all of your doors at home. They are simple to install with no tools required. When our door guards are fitted to your doors, you can rest assured both minor and serious trapped finger injuries will be prevented.


Why Cardea's Door Finger Guards?
Our Door Finger Guards come with a length of 120cm, not only longer than some other brands product but also thicker. This is to ensure it give better protection to your children and durable in use.


Our Door Finger Guard come with a perfect folding design with high bonding self-adhesive tape. This design will ensure our Door Finger Guards not affecting the closing and opening of door and keep it in position. When the door is closed, our Door Finger Guard will fold close to the side of the door and form a triangle shape which looks more pleasing to eye.


Available in Clear & White Finishes
The Door Finger Guards are available in clear and white finish to discreetly fit in and compliment all of your doors at home.

Fingershield 1200mm Door Finger Guard Pack

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