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If you hate wasting leftovers or need to cook in bulk to freeze for another day, Dr. Save’s reusable food bags allow all air to be compresses out (using a handheld vacuum sealer) from the bag to lock in the freshness and flavor of your food longer.


The reusable food bags can be stored in the freezer until you are ready to reheat or cook. The food bags are:
- Food grade
- Toxin free
- FDA certified
- BPA free
- Freezer & microwave safe
- Eco friendly as it is reusable
Each pack/set come with 10 vacuum food bags with size 26x34 cm.


It is quick and easy to use, air can be sucks out within seconds using a battery operated mini vacuum sealer.


NOTE We will not accept any returns of this item that have been removed from their original packaging due to hygiene reasons unless the item is found to be defective.

Dr Save Food Vacuum Sealer Bags (10pcs - Taiwan)

SKU: VB001
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    Supplied with:

    10x Storage bags


    Manufacturer/Place of origin

    Welcome / Taiwan

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