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Introducing SlamGuard – a revolutionary and vibrant door safety solution meticulously crafted to establish optimal contact with both residential and office floors. Its innovative design ensures a secure grip by wedging securely beneath interior and exterior doors, preventing any unwanted movement.


How it works?

The Cardea SlamGuard inserts effortlessly from the side of the door, steadfastly holding it in position. Unlike traditional door stop wedges, it secures the door in a single direction, effectively thwarting the attempts of curious children while allowing for easy release when needed.


Cardea SlamGuard boasts versatility, accommodating various flooring types and door styles, making it a top-tier choice for home and office security.


Color Your World
Choose from an array of stylish options with SlamGuard available in Black, Grey, and Brown, seamlessly blending with your interior aesthetics.

Cardea SlamGuard Door Stopper

SKU: 632835642834572
Tax Included
  • Warranty
    12 months warranty.  


    Manufacturer/Place of origin 
    Cardea-Solutions / U.K.

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