The Cardea Window Restrictor is designed to eliminate the risk of injury caused by falls from windows by restricting the opening of a window to only 10-15cm in line with HSE guidelines. 


Suitable for the home and workplace including care homes, hotels, schools and offices. 


Tested to current British Standards BS EN 14351-1 and BS EN 13126-5.


How it Works?
The Cardea Window Restrictor has been designed to prevent people from falling out of windows, restricting the window so it only allows it to open as far as 10-15cm in line with HSE guidelines. This makes the window impossible to climb out of, therefore reducing the risk of accident and injury. It is easy to fit and suitable for use on all kinds of windows and even doors - including PVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.


Key Operated for Access Control
All of our restrictors are provided with a key, which means that the restrictor cable cannot be unlocked or removed without the keyholder's knowledge. The HSE states that there are three broad categories of fall; accidental, falls arising out of a confused mental state, and deliberate self-harm or suicide. This makes the restrictor particularly suited to hospitals, care homes and schools. Many hotels also install window restrictors, offering reassurance to guests who are allocated rooms on high floors.


Simple Yet Effective Solution
The window restrictor is made out of stainless steel wire wrapped in a plastic coating and a fixing plate made of zinc alloy. The cable length is 200mm allowing the window to be opened safely to 15cm. It is simple to install in just 10 minutes and is an ideal solution for your window safety requirements.


Available in Brown and Chrome
The window restrictors are available in brown and chrome, and are designed to be in keeping with the style of your windows. Their modern, minimalist style ensures that they don't draw attention or affect the aesthetics of the window.


Restrictive Opening and Endure up to 550kg of Force
The Cardea Window Restrictor has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it performs well in a variety of environments. Tested to a force of 550kg, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is a strong and hardwearing product.

Cardea Premium Window Restrictor

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  • Dimensions
    Cable Length - 200mm


    Stainless steel wire in a plastic coating Fixing plate - Zinc alloy.


    Allows max opening of 20cm.


    Supplied with:
    4x tamper proof screws.
    1x key per restrictor.


    5 years warranty.


    Manufacturer/Place of origin
    Cardea Solutions / U.K.