Specially designed to avoid injury and sometimes death from a rigid hook, the Cardea Anti-Ligature Hook can be used in public bathrooms or cloakrooms for added peace of mind.


How It Works
The anti-ligature hook is designed to hold coats, backpacks, handbags and other items weighing up to 26lbs. Once the weight limit is exceeded, the hook automatically releases, allowing the item to fall from the hook and prevent any tragic accidents. When the weight is released from the hook, it automatically resets itself in the upright position.


Durable and Hardwearing
Anti-ligature hooks are not only sturdy and long-lasting, but they’re also strong, vandal-resistant and tamper-proof. They are easy to fit in any public cloakroom or bathroom, where safety is of vital importance, such as a hospital or mental health facility.


Available in White and Beige 
The range of colours that these antiligature hooks come in make them appealing to the eye as well as being great for accident prevention.


Pace of Mind
Once the anti-ligature hooks are fitted in your public bathroom, cloakroom, hospital or health care facility, you will have peace of mind in knowing that these coat hooks will prevent injury and death from occurring.

Cardea Anti-Ligature Hook

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  • Material
    High strength polycarbonate
    Note: Polycarbonate should not be subjected to industrial solvents, such as, acetone.
    Magnets:N40 Grade Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB)
    Magnet Coating:Three layer coating of Nickel-Copper-Nickel having a minimum thickness of 0.0015"


    12 months warranty.


    Manufacturer/Place of origin
    Cardea Solutions / U.K.