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The SocketLoc Socket Cover is designed to prevent children or vulnerable adults from tampering with plug sockets which could affect their personal safety. SocketLoc single can be installed either left or right handed.

How It Works
The SocketLoc is a Lockable Plug Socket Cover is specially designed to solve the safety issue of children or vulnerable adults tampering with plug sockets. SocketLoc can be installed over most single plug sockets and sometimes even light switches. 

Each SocketLoc comes with two special keys to unlock by an adult to restrict or allow access as and when required.

Why SocketLoc?
With the NHS advising people not to use plug socket inserts due to safety issues surrounding the more commonly used and cheaply made 'socket inserts', SocketLoc allows you to safely prevent socket tampering. 

Who should use SocketLoc?

SocketLoc provides a solution for many different types of needs.

For families with young children who like to explore, SocketLoc provides peace of mind that your little ones won't get into any accidents with plug sockets.

In care home environments or homes of family members who may have dementia who are unplugging important items such as a landline or a refrigerator, SocketLoc ensures their personal safety and can provide comfort for their family.

In public building environments such as libraries, universities, schools or leisure centres where students or customers may unplug important equipment to make space for their own phone chargers etc. SocketLoc is ideal for ensuring nothing is tampered with.

Support Socket Type

SocketLoc support both single and double socket type.

Note: Cannot be installed to a socket that has been fitted onto a wall-mounted back box.

Cardea Solutions
Place of origin :
  • United Kingdom
  • 1 Year Warranty

SocketLoc Double Plug Socket Cover Fitting Instruction (SocketLoc_instructions_A5_2_2.pdf, 251 Kb) [Download]

SocketLoc Single Plug Socket Cover Fitting Instruction (SocketLoc_instructions_A5_2_1.pdf, 6,356 Kb) [Download]

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