By Helen Leach posted February 16, 2017

Why Do Student Accommodations Need Window Restrictors?

If you do a simple search for 'student accommodation window restrictors' online, you'll be met with page after page of results questioning the importance of window restrictors on student housing windows. Many students complain about the presence of window restrictors and attempt to remove them for a number of reasons such as to gain maximum ventilation, to smoke out of windows, lean out of them or even throw things out.

Links to university websites repeatedly stress the fact that if tampered with, students will be fined for removing window restrictors.

Yet despite this, you'll discover posts online such as this thread on The Student Room "Anyone know how to remove the window restrictors?" and in a separate thread on the same topic another user posted, "My window could hardly open since they put the restrictors on. It was crazy; I was on the ground floor, not likely to plummet to my death!".

Alarmingly, there are also multiple responses from other students instructing how you can 'override' the window restrictors.

"Ok look closely on the restrictor there will be the name of the company who makes them, I can guarantee you will then be able to find the model used for your window, purchase it and the key that comes with it will match".

This issue listed above can be prevented with the use of a Fixed Window Restrictor which has a lock-less design - preventing students from unlocking them.

With students massively underestimating the importance and multi-purpose of having window restrictors installed, we've prepared this list with three important benefits to using window restrictors in student accommodation.

1. Prevents Falls from Height
The main purpose of window restrictors is to prevent falls from height. Window Restrictors are legally required in health and social care environments with vulnerable adults and children - however, the presence of window restrictors in student accommodation is also crucial.
It's important to consider the student culture of drinking alcohol as well as the use of recreational drugs. Being intoxicated heavily impacts an individual's mental capacity which makes them vulnerable to life-threatening falls.

In June 2015, a 20-year-old Edinburgh University student died after climbing out of a bathroom window in his student flat whilst heavily intoxicated on alcohol. He fell 60ft from a fourth-floor window.

2. Adds an Extra Layer of Security
In 2016, Swansea Police warned local students that student flats are 'tempting-targets' for burglars as they more often than not contain high-value items such as laptops, phones and tablets.

With student flats often left empty during the day while at lectures, as well as being frequently unoccupied at night whilst students may be out partying - this offers the perfect window for potential burglars to operate.

Manchester City Council revealed that last year, in Manchester alone - more than 1000 student homes were burgled. They warned that 1 in 3 burglaries are down to doors and windows being left open or unlocked. The council has stressed the importance of locking all doors and windows - even in hot weather.

Having window restrictors installed on windows will allow students to open their window a maximum of 10-15cm to allow for ventilation whilst also preventing the window from being opened fully allowing burglars to gain access to the property.

3. Prevents Objects from Being Thrown Out
While a less common concern than the two points listed above, it's still worth mentioning. Having worked with student accommodations to provide window restrictors, the issue has come up.

Throwing objects out of windows such as glass bottles, rubbish and litter have been a concern raised.

The use of window restrictors will ensure that the windows are only open to a maximum of 10cm - helping to prevent the issue of students throwing things outside and preventing littering and other potential damage.

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