By Helen Leach posted August 24, 2016

Childminders: Safety Measures for Your Home

As a childminder, your house will play host to multiple children for a few hours during the week.
When parents leave their children in your care, the most important thing is that they know their child is safe.

According to RoSPA:
- More than 2 million children under the age of 15 experience injuries in and around the home requiring a visit to A&E each year.
- 76,000 of these children under 14 are admitted to hospital for treatment to injuries caused by accidents.
- 40% of those are under 5.

It's important to install pre-emptive measures to help prevent these accidents from occurring and provide a safer and happier environment for the children in your care.

Door Safety
With 40,000 finger trapping accidents occurring each year - it's important to install the right door safety devices to prevent trappings from happening.

The Fingershield 1200mm Door Finger Guard Pack is designed for use within the home to protect the front and rear hinges of the door to prevent finger trappings from occurring.

With no-tools required, this is a simple safety solution to prevent trapping accidents.

The Happy Hands Door Stopper is designed to be used on the handle side of the door to prevent the door from closing on any fingers. When not in use, the Happy Hand can be swiveled away so the door will fully close.

Window Safety
Falls from windows are less common than down stairs, but they do occur and will cause more serious injuries.

All windows should be fitted with a tested window restrictor and all the frames in which they are applied to should be checked to ensure they're in working order.

Socket Safety
Sockets should be covered to prevent plug tampering, or inserting dangerous objects into the socket which could cause electrocution.

The NHS released a document on the 30th June which stated that plug socket inserts should not be used as they can overcome the safety features in sockets.

The Socket Shield is an innovative design which is installed over plug sockets, allowing plugs to remain in use whilst preventing tampering.

While you will never make your home entirely safe for the children in your care, there are measures you can take to childproof your home that will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

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